TerraUtopia was founded with the vision of assisting small and mid-sized businesses with their technology needs and that has now extended to the home and home-office user.

Whether you are a start-up business or have been operating for many years, we and and our associates can assist you with ensuring that you have the technologies you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.

Today, using a computer at home or within your home-office is a must. With that in mind, we now provide our same professional services to home and home-office users.

Gary Petro, Founder, President:

I am an IT Professional with over 25 years experience in the management, conversion, and implementation of Information Technology infrastructures.

The foundation of my experience has been in two key areas: Network Infrastructure (including but not limited to all hardware and software used within a network or stand-alone environment) and Operating Systems infrastructure (including but not limited to business analysis, development, project management, and training related to ERP systems).

My career had led me on a path whereby I have been able to work from the ground up. At times I have been removed from my comfort zone and that provided me with the opportunity to be educated in business processes. In that way, I have come to understand the perspectives and needs of upper management, middle management and employees. The following highlights the experiences that I have gained and roles I have played during the course of my career:

  • Developer
  • Network architect and administrator
  • Manager of on-staff and outsourced developers
  • Manager of on-staff and outsourced network administrators and help-desk support staff
  • Project Manager in the implementations of ERP systems
  • Business Analyst prior to and following ERP implementations to ensure it meets the needs of the business
  • Administrator of the various databases in the ERP to ensure that the ERP functions efficiently and that users can access data using external tools when necessary
  • Ensured that level of security met or exceeded requirements in all implementations
  • Prepared annual budgets for the Information Technology department
    • Worked with suppliers to maintain the lowest acquisition costs and was able to keep budgets in line with management expectations. On average, when presented with the existing IT budget, I have been able to lower it by at least 10% -- a significant amount when dealing with $2M budgets.

I have a keen understanding of business processes and how they and the systems that are implemented need to work together in order to ensure that employees are most effective and efficient. I take the time to understand the processes of any business operation to ensure that management’s expectations are met.

My methodology is to first evaluate a current infrastructure and determine whether it currently meets the needs of the company. If it does, then future needs are reviewed with management to determine an action plan to achieve those future goals. If it does not, the determination of what is the best course of action to take based upon the requirements of the company and the budget available in consultation with management is required.

I am a hands-on professional who is not afraid to assist individuals when necessary. As a manager, I do not take the view that employees work for me – we work together as a team to achieve a common goal. Working with various individuals and taking the time to consider their point of view is key in developing an infrastructure that all will embrace.

Most recently, I have been providing programming services utilizing the Magic/uniPaaS RAD platform to a integrated software solution for the long term care industry.

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