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We cater to individuals and small businesses to provide services and turn-key solutions so you can spend more time concentrating on your business and leave the technology to us.

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    Register or transfer your domain to us and we can manage it under our portfolio for you.

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    Individual or Small business? We have a cost-effective solution for your website requirements. Monthly payment plans and bundled options are available.

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    We provide fully managed WordPress hosting solutions at competitive pricing whether we built your website or not.

Gary makes the process of developing a site easy for the customer. He'll take your specific needs for a website into account, and provide helpful insight and advice along the way.

Dr. Joel Weber


I can't say enough good things about the work that Gary Petro did to get my blog up and running.  Throughout the process he demonstrated patience and solid direction to me; much needed qualities because the process of creating and maintaining a blog was simply beyond the scope of my abilities.  He wrote solid 'instruction manuals', provided me with a YouTube training video, answered all of my questions and provided me with gentle instruction when I made mistakes.  I have full confidence that my work is in very capable hands.

Rev. Lynne Gardiner

I highly recommend Gary Petro at TerraUtopia for excellent website design - he does a wonderful job, with great imagination - we are lucky to have him!

Jess Saunders

The Renewell Center

Sometimes things in life just do work out – this is one of those times.  I had the good fortune of meeting Gary Petro a while back. Gary has at least three things going for him: he is local, he is a nice guy and he is one heck of an Information Technology expert, being the owner of Terrautopia Inc.  I have engaged Gary on four separate projects and have been most happy with the processes and the outcomes.  He worked on behalf of John Carley and myself to build the Citizens Democracy Forum (CDF) web site (see the previous testimonial), he established a new email protocol for CDF to streamline and simplify bulk communication with interested parties, he also built my original web site. Gary now operates his own hosting service, Jukebox Hosting, and I have recently moved my entire Web Site under his care.

Gary has provided excellent service and has the uncanny ability to translate my naïve and often rather silly questions and suggestions into action. This ability permits him to offer suggestions to guide you on the right path and never push you to do it his way.  Gary offers guidance to allow you to learn while moving forward. He does the job and does it right. 

Thank you, Gary Petro.

Clint Halladay

Owner & Principal

Thank you, Gary, for creating the Citizens Democracy Forum’s (CDF) new website.  You expertly translated our various thoughts and ideas, along with your own creative input, into a cohesive and dynamic product. CDF is a voluntary group of Canadians concerned with the current political, social and environmental state of Canada.  You have developed a website that allows us to clearly present material relevant to our concerns.  We highly recommend you, Terrautopia and Jukebox Hosting to anyone considering a web presence or the refreshing of their current site. Thank you, Gary, for your understanding, expertise, and patience.

Clint Halladay

Communication Coordinator

Thank you, Gary, for my beautifully redesigned website!

Your creative concept for my drapery and blinds business is such a good representation of who I am and what I do.

The website is well organized and user-friendly, guiding visitors effortlessly through my virtual store of products and services.

Marilyn Benn

The Drapery Den

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